Author: tanner

Extending Beaver Builder Modules

I just found out something super cool. Beaver Builder has built into it a mechanism for rewriting core modules. We have a project that I’m working on where I don’t want to use the Beaver Builder button styles, I’d much rather use the Bootstrap.js button styles that come with the theme.

Instead of writing a TON of CSS to overwrite the Beaver Builder button styles, I just customized the module to use the Bootstrap classes.

This is super easy. All you have to do is copy the module that you want to customize into your child theme in the a fl-modules/modules directory in your theme. Once I did that I replaced the default fl-button class with the btn Bootstrap class and I was up and running.

Now I’m in the process of updating the Button module settings to allow the user to select the type of button and size using the Bootstrap class system.

Well done Beaver Builder team!

Super Bowl 51

Wow! I mean REALLY, WOW!!!

No doubt about this being one of the most memorable Super Bowl games in NFL history. The only Super Bowl game to ever go into overtime in fact.

What made it so spectacular wasn’t just all of the amazing effort and talent on the field (though, how incredible was that?!?). But more than that I was impacted by the lessons this game had for everyday life.

I don’t want this to come across cliched, nor do I want to get preachy. But at the risk being both of those, I wanted to share an observation. Read more