In Your Arms

This song began as a melody that came to me while commuting to work about 9 years ago. As I thought through what lyrics would appropriately match the melody, my mind turned to God as our loving father. At the time, our twins were just toddlers and I thought of how they would look up to us and reach out their hands to be held. Then I had a lightbulb moment.

Even as a worship leader, I’ve struggled with some of the more “charismatic” aspects of worship. You know, crazy things like clapping or raising hands during a song (well, crazy for polite conservative Christian boy, lol). Deep down I always felt like I should, but it always felt awkward. I mean, what does it mean to raise your hands anyway?

But in that moment I realized that we are God’s kids. The image of my one year olds reaching up to be held had some beautiful parallels to us craving intimacy with God in worship. This song explores that concept a bit.

Credits: Tanner Moushey, lead vocal and acoustic guitar; Christa Zdenek, backup vocal and piano; Dale Tanis, bass guitar.
P.S. this recording was from a worship practice, so please excuse the sound quality

Verse 1
You my God, You are faithful
How Your love, reaches me
Even though, I am unworthy
Still Your grace, teaches me

Verse 2
How You, my God, You walk beside me
Every step, You hold my hand
And when the storms of life surround me
It is then that You carry me

And I lift my hands as I praise Your name
And I look up in Your face
Oh Daddy hold me please, I don’t want to leave
Hold me tight hold me close in Your arms

Verse 3
You my God, You’re all around me
Still You feel so far away
Draw me close and say that You love me
Hold me in Your arms again

And I know that You are near, drying every tear
And there is no need to fear in Your arms
And I don’t want to go away, Lord I pray that I could stay
Hold me tight hold me close in Your arms, in Your arms

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