Selecting a New Family Van

Here in Moushey-land, we have a special emphasis on our mode of transportation. Not only do you fill up a lot of seats with 6 kids, but the baggage that comes with that many children isn’t easy to deal with either (yes, I mean that in every possible way). With the birth of our most …

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Javascript – Beyond jQuery

Most developers have some experience with jQuery, but few of them understand the principles of Javascript and how to write and debug Javascript code. This presentation will cover best practices for writing object oriented Javascript, benchmarking, and debugging.

Super Bowl 51

Wow! I mean REALLY, WOW!!! No doubt about this being one of the most memorable Super Bowl games in NFL history. The only Super Bowl game to ever go into overtime in fact. What made it so spectacular wasn’t just all of the amazing effort and talent on the field (though, how incredible was that?!?). …

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When You Need Work, But You’re Exhausted

The past few months have been kind of hard for me. I had a phenomenal start to the year and brought in $80K by the end of June. I was pretty ecstatic. But my goal for this year was not to make a bunch of money, instead there was a service that I was working on called StudyChurch and I wanted to get that launched.