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Super Bowl 51

Wow! I mean REALLY, WOW!!!

No doubt about this being one of the most memorable Super Bowl games in NFL history. The only Super Bowl game to ever go into overtime in fact.

What made it so spectacular wasn’t just all of the amazing effort and talent on the field (though, how incredible was that?!?). But more than that I was impacted by the lessons this game had for everyday life.

I don’t want this to come across cliched, nor do I want to get preachy. But at the risk being both of those, I wanted to share an observation. Read more

Leaving Friends – 10up Web Engineer to Freelancer

It is with great excitement and yet equal sadness that I am moving on from 10up starting April 4th. The past year with the company has been amazing! I have learned so much and made so many friends. I feel like I have really been able to grow with the company and have been able to work on some mind-blowing projects.

10up has tripled since the day I was hired but I know that my competency level and experience has gone way beyond that. Yet even with all that change, it remains a welcoming and exciting place to work due in no small part to the talented leadership and amazing people that they tirelessly seek out (I bet you didn’t know that 10up is still hiring – shameless plug). Read more

Vegas, Day 3

Well… day 3 in Vegas is almost over which means there is just one more day to go. It has been a great trip, but I am very  ready to come home.

We didn’t do a whole lot today, so I’ll take this opportunity to tell you about the elevators here at the hotel. Perhaps this is normal for buildings with 50+ stories, but their are 3 different groups of elevators, each servicing a different set of rooms. This is very handy for me since I’m on floor 50 and would spend hours traveling up and down in the elevator otherwise. The interesting thing about this elevator, though, is that it travels at mach speed when traveling past the levels it doesn’t service. I’ve actually had more issues with the pressure changes in the elevator than I had with the airplane.

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Vegas, Day 2

Day 2 at Las Vegas has been a lot of fun. We started out with a walk to Circus Circus (about 20 minutes), where we had our company all-hands meeting. We discussed the staggering growth we’ve had in the past year and mapped out a strategy to continue our success in the new year. I found this to be very inspiring and look forward to the coming months and years to see where we go. I really feel like our leadership is on the right path.

They were not quite ready for us when we first got to Circus Circus, so we were taken on a tour of some of the haunted maizes that are running in the evenings. As a somewhat sensitive individual, I was a little worried about this, but turned out to be pretty entertaining and our tour guide seemed very enthusiastic.

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Vegas, Day 1

This is day one in Las Vegas for the 10up company conference and I am beat!

The flight went smoothly (except for the slightly larger than 3oz bottle of coffee I tried to smuggle past the TSA) and so far my first impressions of Las Vegas are slightly mixed. I have not yet been to the main strip, but the parts of the city that I’ve seen seem mostly under construction. Perhaps this impression will change as I look around some more. Altogether, though, too many blinking lights for my taste.

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Hello World!

Hello everyone! This is my first post (as I’m sure you are all aware) and I want to just start out by putting a few thoughts on paper (or in a database as it may be).

This past year and a half has really been very exciting and I am very eager to share it with you. I won’t be getting in to any details tonight as I can barely keep my eyes open, but suffice it to say that God has done some incredible things this year which, as I look back, I am shocked to find seem quite normal if I was not paying attention.

Today, however, I want to take a brief moment to just refocus. This has been a busy week and I am feeling very distracted. So as we go into tomorrow, the Lord’s day, and prepare for worship, I would like to take just a moment to reflect.

We are leading the service tomorrow with a new song called No Chains on Me (see above). This is a song that rejoices in our freedom in Christ. One line that sticks out:

Now is the Time

Now is the Time for freedom

Abandon my cold religion

My heart on fire

How often and how easily does our religion turn cold? The moment that we view our Christianity as a task and not as a relationship… SHAZAAAM!! … cold religion. This is something that has been on the back of my mind over the past, well, long time. I can get so busy so easily and I find that I settle into a comfort zone of tasking. Relationships get pushed to the back burner and I am enslaved by the tyranny of the urgent.

Cold religion is simply a description of what our lives are like when we are focused on doing instead of being. And, in a sense, doing so inhibits us from living freely as God has made us.

So, I guess, that is my constant challenge; to remember that living free is not about the amount of free time I have in the day but rather living free is about taking advantage of the time that God has given us by focusing on being who God has made us to be instead of being distracted by the tasks that occupy that time.