Vegas, Day 1

This is day one in Las Vegas for the 10up company conference and I am beat!

The flight went smoothly (except for the slightly larger than 3oz bottle of coffee I tried to smuggle past the TSA) and so far my first impressions of Las Vegas are slightly mixed. I have not yet been to the main strip, but the parts of the city that I’ve seen seem mostly under construction. Perhaps this impression will change as I look around some more. Altogether, though, too many blinking lights for my taste.

After arriving at the trump hotel at around 3, we hung around until our team dinners at 6:30. My team went to an authentic Korean outfit where we cooked our food right on our own table! It was very tasty. I didn’t get any pictures of that, perhaps there will be some circulating that I can snag.

Anyway, I’m going to wrap it up there for the night. Here are some picks that I hope you will enjoy.

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