Vegas, Day 3

Well… day 3 in Vegas is almost over which means there is just one more day to go. It has been a great trip, but I am very  ready to come home.

We didn’t do a whole lot today, so I’ll take this opportunity to tell you about the elevators here at the hotel. Perhaps this is normal for buildings with 50+ stories, but their are 3 different groups of elevators, each servicing a different set of rooms. This is very handy for me since I’m on floor 50 and would spend hours traveling up and down in the elevator otherwise. The interesting thing about this elevator, though, is that it travels at mach speed when traveling past the levels it doesn’t service. I’ve actually had more issues with the pressure changes in the elevator than I had with the airplane.

Our day today started at 11:00 AM with a team scavenger hunt. So we walked all around doing all sorts of crazy things like taking photos with pedestrians, climbing on fountains, and solving riddles. It was pretty fun and we were rewarded with the silver metal. Not too bad out of 5 teams.

The senior staff had lunch afterwards, so several of us Engineers went off and had lunch at Maggiono’s. It was very tasty despite the fact that there was no red sauce on my meatball sandwich.

After lunch, we came back to the hotel. I intended to do something productive, but just ended up talking a nap. That was nice.

At 6:30 we went out for another team dinner since the first dinner was shared with another team. This time the restaurant of choice was a place called Ra Sushi. I had not ever tried real sushi before and thought it was pretty good. I also had the opportunity to try some rice wine… very interesting.

After dinner, we walked around for a while. A very long while. Like 5 hours. We visited the Wynn and saw some Interesting interior gardens. We also walked around a few casinos and watched some fellow 10uppers make some big wins and losses. I managed to keep all my money to myself, except an exorbitant $5 I was charged at an ATM.

During our walk, I was struck with how nice Las Vegas could be if it wasn’t so oversexed. The gambling can be avoided decently well and some of the architecture is really amazing, but the constant solicitation of prostitution, strip clubs, and pornography is really depressing.

On a happier note, I get to come home tomorrow to my beautiful wife, wonderful boys, and [comparatively] quiet house.

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  1. Hey Bud! I’m enjoying your blog!! I’ve gotta ask the question that everyone wants to ask, but are to afraid…how high were you able to jump when the elevator took off at the great speed you were talking about? Looking forward to your return…although I don’t want to burst your bubble…I don’t think you are remembering just how loud your house really is. [Comparatively] Las Vegas may be ‘at times’ a bit quieter:) But I do agree, your wife is beautiful, and your boys are wonderful!!! You are blessed indeed.

    1. Sure! I had a great time hanging with you all these past few days! I appreciate you spending your birthday time with us too and getting me to try new things. 😛

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