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My Migration from BlueHost

Twitter seems to have lit up today with complaints of web hosting downtime. I sympathize but am happy to say that none of my sites went down today. Why? Because I migrated from BlueHost.

Is it that easy?

To be perfectly honest, switching from your cPanel host (HostGator, BlueHost, etc.) can be a real pain especially if your host is also managing email for you. The cost of migrating can also be pretty daunting and can skyrocket if you move email to a service like Google Apps (which charges $10 per account).

So you have chosen to migrate away from your cPanel host but are unsure what direction to go, let me shed some light. Hosts that offer cPanel or other all-in-one solutions to email and web-hosting (looking at you GoDaddy) can offer a great feature set at a reasonable price, a one stop shop for email, hosting, domain purchasing, certificates, you name it! The consequences, however, of these bloated systems can really have disastrous consequences as your site grows. You can experience pretty serious performance issues, and like we are seeing today, even extended downtime that not only affects your website but also your email! For the growing blog or small business, this can really be a blow to your reputation.

My solution here will probably end up costing you a little more, but will be well worth it as you start experiencing the speed and reliability.

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