A Better Developer via WPSessions

This past week I attended WordCamp Seattle and boy was it amazing! One of my favorite sessions was a panel on Becoming a Better WordPress Developer. During this session, the panel was asked how a developer could become a better developer. The general consensus was to surround yourself with professionals in your field that constantly push you and introduce you to new tools and techniques.

I wholeheartedly agree, but this is somewhat of an abstract idea if you don’t know where to find the professionals in your field, specifically in this case WordPress development. WordCamps are a great place to find these people, but wouldn’t it be great if there was a place to find out about new leaders and stay up to date on a regular basis?


Enter WPSessions

I found out about WPSessions several months ago and promptly signed up for the WordPress and Backbone.js session and it was fantastic! Most recently I signed up for Working with BuddyPress and look forward to watching the recording since I missed it live because of WordCamp Seattle.

Anyway, if you interested in becoming a better WordPress developer like the panel discussed last Saturday, I would highly recommend checking out WPSessions. Brian does a fantastic job bringing in industry leaders to discuss and present on extremely relevant topics ranging from Unit Testing to Security to Ecommerce (some of which are free to view).

Now in full discloser, I need to say that I am a proud affiliate of WPSessions. But because of this, I have the opportunity to introduce to you a brand new membership wing of the site that is just about to be announced.

WPSessions VIP

I am really excited about WPSessions VIP which will be announced later today. Initially it will be by invitation only, so be sure to sign up right away to be among the first on board. It will give members VIP access to all of the sessions in addition to special community access to the speakers and private VIP discussion boards.

Here are some of the features:

  • Access to VIP discussion area
  • Ask session questions before or after the session if you can’t make it to the live event
  • Full access to all existing and future sessions
  • Download sessions to your computer, phone, or tablet for playback anytime
  • 100% Guarantee that you will earn money (see guarantee below)

I could go on and on but you would be better served by checking out the new product yourself.

One thing I will say that really impressed me is that Brian fully guaranties that you will get your money’s worth from the subscription. If you don’t feel like you do, you will get a 110% refund!!! Let me say that again. If after a year as a WPSession VIP member you are not satisfied with the service, you will get a full refund plus an extra 10%. Tell me that’s not a great investment!

So go check it out and I hope to see you in upcoming sessions!

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