Define Your Goals

The first step is to nail down what is the end game of your application. It could be a simple online publishing platform for your ideas or a complex community + e-commerce application for your product.

Without a clear project goal it is impossible to define success. Since I want your project to be successful, we will work together to define what success looks like and how it will be measured.

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Establish a Strategy

Even the most simple applications are accomplished in steps. Once we define the goal of your website, we will break up the process into achievable steps that can be tracked. Establishing an appropriate strategy will help us maintain a process that is transparent and measurable.


This is where we get to start having some fun. The strategy that we defined in the previous steps will be outlined in our project management software where we will collaborate as we build your site together. I make sure that my code is always version controlled and that we develop on a staging site to make sure that our progress is safe and your current site not altered until you are ready.

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Follow Up

Once we have successfully launched this project, we will follow up and discuss any improvements or desired modifications we discovered during the process. There is always room for improvement and I want to do all that I can to help you maximize your effectiveness.

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